Employment Support

The last 18 months have seen dramatic changes in employment and many people face challenges as never before. If you are in need of support and guidance regarding employment, contact us to book a free appointment with our adviser.

Whether you need ongoing support or a one-off appointment, we can help. Appointments can be offered via phone, Zoom or in person at the Centre.

What advice can we offer?
Our adviser can help you with…

– Are you interview ready?
– Upskilling – Is further study relevant to you?
– What can you bring to an employer?
– Learning from previous experiences – Did you achieve your goal? What worked well and what didn’t?
– Realistic goal setting
– How to effectively job search
– The importance of self-reflection
– How to find job vacancies and how to apply
– What are your soft skills?
– What transferable skills do you have?
– Why are covering letters and CV’s important?
– Creating/amending CV’s and covering letters
– How can I achieve anything in this current climate? – resilience, positivity, wellbeing, where to get support
– Virtual recruitment – Are you ready?

Everybody has existing skills that can be utilised by employers – we aim to get you where you need to be.
Appointments are currently offered 1 – 2 days a week.


How do I make an appointment?
Drop us an email or call to make an appointment:
01263 519454

Why should I access this service instead of looking information up online?
Merchants’ Place have been offering careers advice for over 10 years in many different forms. We’ve always found that clients are more successful when talking to a real person, as they have the opportunity to receive realistic advice and ongoing guidance. Accessing advice via various websites can be risky – How old is the information you’ve found? Who actually wrote this information you’re reading?
The internet can be unreliable at times, so talk to our adviser instead.